Northeast Baseball (NH) was founded to teach our players how to play the game of baseball the right way. Our focus is on the long-term advancement and improvement of our player's skills, in-game strategy, and handling the mental aspect of baseball.

We seek only players whose goal is to play baseball beyond high school. We believe this goal is achievable with a tireless work ethic, continuous skill, and physical training paired with in-game experiences.

Our program expects each player to always have a positive attitude, give 100% effort, take accountability for their actions and development, and go about their business with intent.

Team Information

Team and Tournament Schedule

  • Players will receive a schedule of tournaments and showcases in the winter with the expectation of these tournaments and games occurring in the spring-season.
  • Games & Tournaments are primarily played on the weekends, but at the older ages, games will be played during the week.
  • U10 - U12 teams will participate in the EBL with a minimum one additional tournament. This season will run from April – Early June
  • U13 & U14 teams will also participate in the EBL with a minimum one additional tournament. This season will run from April – Early/Mid July
  • U15 & older teams will primarily participate in weekend tournaments with additional midweek and weekend exhibition games.
  • Our 15u & older teams may take trips outside of New England that will be included in tuition. This season runs from June until July/early August.

U10 - U14: Development Philosophy

Below are the guidelines as to how we operate our teams and our program’s focus at specific age groups.

This is the foundation our program will be built upon and expected at all levels.

  • Learning how to play the right way in addition to the development of physical and mental skills.
  • Learning how to compete and win is just as important. Not a win at all costs coaching philosophy, however, we still expect a high level of accountability and competition. Wins and losses don’t matter but playing to win every play is.
  • We will move players around at positions we feel they have a chance to develop at. However, this is not a recreational program and we will not treat it as such.
  • Learning what work ethic is and its importance. Each kid gets opportunity but players at all ages need to learn how to deal with failure and respond positively to it. This is a major part of development.

U15 and U17: College Prep Philosophy

While we focus the development at all levels, we expect all of our older players to know the fundamentals and exercise our core values at all times. This does not only mean that one has demonstrated their success on the field via performance but also demonstrated being responsible, accountable, coachable, and a well-rounded player (on and off the field).

Each player at 15u and up should expect to play college baseball. We have a fantastic network of college coaches. We will do everything we can to help deserving players find a home at the next level. Our program network was built upon truthful evaluations with college coaches and we will continue to do so