Spring 2021 Baseball Memberships

Our Hitting Program is directed by Boston Red Sox Player Development Coach Mike Montville. Your player will receive hitting instruction and training similar to Professional Prospects.

Our average player's increase on hit ball velocity is 9.3 mph (+12%) and average distance increase is 55.4 ft (+23%).


In Season Baseball Membership


Most in season practices and teams are focused on the team aspects of baseball and playing games, leaving limited time and resources for individual player development. Each player can continue their development process by having access to coaching and resources to help them improve based off their game and practice performances.

Membership Options

  • 2 Month Option (April/May, June/July, August/September)
    • 2x/week = $225 per month
    • Unlimited = $299 per month
  • 6 Month Option (April - September) *If membership is not completed, client is required to pay 2mo price*
    • 2x/week = $199 per month
    • Unlimited = $275 per month


  • Monday - Thursday 3:00 - 8:00pm
  • Friday 3:00 - 6:00
  • Saturday 9:00 - 12:00


What you get

  • Similar setup to winter training programs, tailored to in season needs.
  • Coaches will be present to oversee training and work with the players.
  • Access to all pitching and arm care equipment and programs (rapsodo when supervised).
  • Access to hitting equipment and machines, including hit trax (supervised).
  • Bullpens and 2x/week members must be scheduled. (Scheduling system in progress)

Coaches (Combined 16+ years of professional playing experience )

Mike Montville - Boston Red Sox (Hitting Supervisor)

Tommy Lawrence -Tampa Bay Rays

Liam O'Sullivan - Lexington Legends

Macyn Clifford - Bridgeport Bluefish

Russ Olive - Tampa Bay Rays

Jason Edgar - Texas Rangers

Ben Gravel - St Joes of Maine

Dakota Mulcay - SNHU