Winter Pitching Programs


Notable Pitchers Who Have Been Part of our Pitching Program

Alex Powers – AAA Cincinnati Red – 90.4  M.P.H.

Hunter Owen – Vanderbilt University – 92.3 M.P.H. (our high school record holder)

Bobby Cliche – Plymouth State – 92.2 M.P.H

Noah Lewis – University Of Maine – 90.6 M.P.H


Our pitching program is modeled after college and professional teams’ training programs.  Our program has two core goals. Getting hitters out with efficiency and consistency. Keeping our pitchers healthy.

Commitment to Development

Our Pitching Skills Development program runs for 16 weeks with pitchers training twice a week.  The program starts on November 29, 2021 and ends on March 18, 2022.


Our pitching programs are under the leadership of Liam O’Sullivan. Liam is currently with the Lexington Legends in the Atlantic League. It is his 7th year of professional baseball. In 2016, he was named Frontier League Pitcher of the Year. Liam's professional career has taken him to leagues in Mexico, Australia and Korea.

Summary of the Program

Full body assessment to check any deficiencies and imbalances in the body that could be the cause of pain or lower velocities

16 week throwing program that brings you into the season

Drill packages and corrective movement packages to make sure pitchers are moving efficiently

Bi-Weekly updates and videos so our pitchers can see their progression

Full Arm Care and recovery techniques

Use of Rapsodo, the cutting-edge technology used by all Major League Baseball and high-level college baseball programs. This machine calculates velocity, spin axis, and spin. You get real time data in the blink of an eye and saved right to your name.  This allows you to see your data and monitor your progression

Exit meeting

Group Format

We use a group training format because its fun for our athletes and most importantly it creates a competitive training environment.  One of our goals is to help our athletes become their own best coaches.  Holding their hand through every drill is the way to accomplish this goal.  Groups are limited to 5 athletes.  Training sessions are 60 minutes.

How good is our Pitching Skills Program?  Here are some numbers from last year’s 16-week Winter training session:


8 pitchers age 13-17 years old gained 10+ M.P.H on their Fastball (7 out of the 8 coupled our Sports Performance with our Pitching Programs)

Strike Percentages in bullpens rose throughout the program from 54% to 63%

We had 78 pitchers in our Winter Program.  Our Pitchers had ZERO soft tissue or ligament issues (UCL, Rotator Cuff, Labrum)