NEB-NH was formed in 2018 when the founder and owner of NEB and former NEB coach, Mike Montville, recognized a growing need to expand the program beyond the MA facility.  Over the last 10 years, NEB has grown and been a key program for recruiters as NEB prides itself on creating a program that produces top baseball athletes in the country.  To date, there has been over 700 players recruited within the program.  

NEB-NH is an opportunity to for players to receive the same training and game experience at NEB but closer to home.  Both programs work closely to ensure consistency within how both programs are run.  We are pleased with the success of the NEB-NH inaugural  season and are ready for next season!

For any baseball player looking to play at the collegiate and/or  professional level, NEB-NH will help improve your skills while showcases your talent.  


Anyone interested in our NEB-NH program email Tommy,