4 Month Membership

$199 per Month

8 Month Membership

$175 per Month

12 Month Membership

$150 per Month

Our training programs are designed to help each athlete move properly and safely, ultimately reducing the risk of injury, raising levels of performance and athleticism, and help each athlete look and feel better. A session would consist of a dynamic warm-up, plyometrics, speed & agility, strength training, and conditioning. Each program is adaptive to the individual and their needs!

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Tailored to the Individual:

Our Performance Program is aimed to optimize strength, mobility, speed and power output.

Strength programs will be tailored and adjusted based on the needs and development of the individual.

Each player will be evaluated when they first enter our program.  We identify deficiencies and use them as the starting point to improve performance.

Combining skill work with our Strength Program helps our athletes reach their maximum potential.

Commitment to Development:

  • This program is designed for Athletes looking to bring their game to the next level.
  • We will program based on the individuals training history, injury history and if they are in-season or in an off-season
  • We recommend 3-4 days a week in the offseason, and 2-3 in season.
  • This allows the athlete to establish a healthy foundation before their season and keep it throughout their competitive seasons.



Areas of Focus:

  • Proper warmup and medicine ball work for muscle activation and proper patterning
  • Proper posture and exercise positioning/movement
  • Addressing soft tissue and structural issues that inhibit performance
  • Training that meets the athletes sport specific demands.
  • Proper plans and advice for recovery and nutrition
  • Proper running/movement mechanics
  • Shoulder/arm care and strengthening for throwers